Company blogs: making them an interesting place to go to

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Most company blogs are boring. Even large companies tend to overly focus on their own news and products — up to a level that it becomes blatantly clear they’re only in it for the marketing. But you can do it right in an easy way and without having to hire an expensive freelance writer.

How to evaluate and install WordPress plugins

By IT Enquirer staff WordPress is number one in the market of Web CMSes, paid for or unpaid for. One of the reasons why WordPress is so unbelievably popular is the ease with which you can expand on its functionality. There are two ways to do so: by writing a couple of lines of PHP […]

Not all social networks for marketing your professional skills are effective

People Marching with Bullhorns

I am sure many of you know at least the name of a social media network called “Referral Key”. Referralkey dot com (I refuse to link to them, making them more popular in search engine results) is supposed to be a referral network. One in which you send and receive referrals to other people who want to do business with you. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t work, Referral Key also spams your colleagues and potential customers’ mailboxes with unsolicited, clumsily formulated invitation email.

Targeting the young or the old(er)?


You don’t need to conduct expensive research to know that most marketing efforts are targeting young people, children even. Often marketing, and certainly advertising, targets children to get to the parents. But in general, most marketing addresses the range of 14 to 24 year olds. Yet, there is a group of older buyers that is growing faster than any other: the 50+. Perhaps we should focus on them a bit more.

Marketing Content for Content Marketing

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My personal motto is: “Give me an editor — text or video, a CMS and a topic, and I will craft your message to perfection and broadcast it to hundreds of thousands of people.” But why should you care?

Scanning photos with enhanced dynamic range

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Dynamic range is the number of greyscale values you can discern between the blackest black and the whitest white. While some photo scanners will cover all the f-stops any film can throw at them, the medium priced scanner needs a helping hand. With a trick, you can extend the dynamic range of any good image scanner such as the popular Canoscan 9000F Mk II.

Technicolor’s communications gaffe: the Color Assist no longer developed email

Color Assist

Some companies take their customers for beta testers, but some go the extra mile and use them as guinea pigs in a marketing experiment, and then expect them to be excited about new products they have in the pipeline. It's an example of using people's real-world experiences for content marketing that leaves a foul taste. […]