Video for marketing: more than a simple YouTube clip

One of the most powerful content types today is a movie or a video clip, but not all video clips are created equal. A video story can be a customer story or a movie covering at least partly a topic that — although related to the product or service you sell —  tells a story that people find interesting and can relate to. The crucial feature of a video story is user engagement.

Another type of video marketing is the video tutorial, in which you show the public how easy it is to use a product or a service. Regardless of which you use, the crucial driving factor should always be the audience you are trying to appeal to. An audience of consumers must probably be entertained more than an audience of business users.

To create anything more valuable to a marketing campaign than the average YouTube clip, you should have a storyline. This can be as simple as a customer interview.

The most successful clips, however, are based on elaborate storyboards, which allow the director or creator of the video clip to know exactly what the story tries to say. If you’re doing this for a client, then you should definitely write a script or draw a storyboard, so your client will get an idea of what the end-result will look like and how the story unfolds. The post-production phase is incredibly important if you want to create an atmosphere — you’ll better be proficient at colour grading and sometimes (often) compositing effects.

The final stage is getting your video clip seen by as many people as possible. Don’t just stick with YouTube.