Content marketing = reputation management

Content marketing — the activity of marketing through creating content in an online medium such as a blog, magazine, video website, etc. — actually is reputation management.

Reputation management adds a daily search for your personal or company profile to the mix, but if your reputation has been blemished by online trolls or through carelessness on your side, fixing your reputation equals content marketing one-on-one. It’s only by rectifying the negative comments that appeared that you can earn back a good reputation on the Internet. Search engines like Google don’t allow you to get rid of a post or comment that destroys your reputation. The only way to rectify therefore is to overcome it with new data that reaffirms what you stand for.

It’s almost as if you’re suppressing the bad by adding the good things tenfold. This also means you need to create and publish a lot of new content in a continuous stream, on many different media. The best way to fix a reputation blemish is to create new counter-reinforcing content in online blogs, social media, microblogs, magazines, etc.

And of course you cannot write those stories yourself. Fixing your reputation yourself is like blowing your own horn — nobody’s going to believe it. On the contrary, you could lose more than you stand to gain. Instead, you should hire someone who will do a daily search for your name or brand, report back to you how you’re doing, and then have them write and publish the “fixes” in as many online media as possible. An added advantage of hiring a publisher or editor who will do this for you is that he/she can quickly set up new publications and hire freelances to make the mass attack more efficient and more effective.

If you want the full package deal, complete with the creation of new vertical publication outlets specifically to overpower the ‘bad press’ your reputation has been damaged by, you should be prepared to set aside a decent budget. For a one year project, we’re quickly speaking between 36K and 52K Euros here.

Provided that your reputation wasn’t ruined by something criminal in the strict sense of the word, or something else that would be morally despicable, your reputation manager may get you back on the Internet polished and shining within that first year. After that, it’s only a matter of ‘maintenance’.